What are NFTs?

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are crypto tokens that are each unique. They most commonly take the shape of artwork today, but have a wide range of applications. Most crypto tokens and real world currencies are fungible, or interchangeable. If I have a dollar (or a MATIC token) and someone sends me another, the pair are indistinguishable.

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Farm on DeFi Land to earn tokensEarn $1

DeFi Land is a platform that strives to gamify Decentralized Finance using a multi-chain agriculture-simulation game. Mainly based on the Solana Chain, DeFi Land offers all the features a traditional gamified Decentralized Finance game would offer, plus more!

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Play to earn tokens/NFTs on Star AtlasEarn $1

Star Atlas is an attempt at combining both aspects of the gaming and cryptocurrency world through the traditional core games and blockchain mechanics. It is building a blockchain-based, space-themed, grand strategy virtual gaming experience set in the future.