Stream and share music on Audius

Time10 minutes
Reward$1 in SOL

What is Audius? 

Audius is a decentralized blockchain streaming platform with many cool features. On a technical scale, Audius enables artists who upload music to produce immutable and timestamped records for their creative works.

Audius is much more than just a regular music streaming and sharing service. It allows artists to monetize their songs rather than larger establishments monetizing them. How does it work? Keep on reading!

Audius consists of three essential elements which help the platform run: node operators, artists, and fans. Audius has implemented the Ethereum-based ERC-20 Token Audius to support these elements. It promotes network security by node operators, exclusive features for artists, and governance by all users.

Node operators ensure network security by staking Audius Tokens to run a node and receive rewards from the network. Artists are given access to the exclusive features as a reward for staking tokens. Governance is dictated by staked tokens, which are required to vote on all proposals which make essential changes to the code and overall network. 

What we’ll do in this tutorial 

We will be going through, step by step, how to get started on Audius. In contrast to our other tutorials, you won’t be needing any tokens or money, just a browser.

1. Go to the Audius Website

Go to this link to get started. 

Click on the Sign Up Free Button.

2. Sign Up

Go through the process of signing up. You will need an email address to sign up with. 

Although it is not recommended, it is possible to sign up using your wallet. To do so, just follow the steps listed on the website.

After that, you should be all set to explore the website!

3. Upload 3 Tracks

Audius provides a decentralized way to upload and consume music!

Click on “Earn $AUDIO” on the left hand side of the page to see the below menu

Click on “Upload Tracks”

Upload any music that you’ve created on your own, or audio that you enjoy and want the world to be able to consume in a decentralized manner!

4. Claim your reward! 🎁

You've completed the required steps, and it's time to get paid! The final step is submitting a reward claim so we can verify you've completed the tutorial.

Click the “Claim Reward” button at the top of the page.

Fill in the address of the wallet you used for this tutorial. Make sure that your Audius account is linked to your OnBoard wallet in order to claim this reward!

Submit the form and wait!

We’ll confirm your account uploaded music to Audius and send $1 in SOL to your wallet as a reward!