Register a Solana domain name on Bonfida

Time10 minutes
Reward$1 in SOL

What is Bonfida? 

Offering a multitude of services and products on the Solana ecosystem, Bonfida grows and aids in the flourishment of the broader ecosystem. With its humble beginnings in providing API services and hosting flagship Serum DEX since its launch in 2020, Bonfida soon launched the $FIDA token as they realized the demand for DeFi-related services/products. Over time, Bonfida has grown to host several products and revenue streams, encouraging and benefiting their tokenomics. 

Some of the services they host include messaging, Token vesting contract, Bug bounty, and Solana Name Service (SNS). 

What we’ll do in this tutorial 

We will be going through, step by step, how to get started on Bonfida. You will need SOL tokens, preferably on Phantom, and a browser.

1. Go to the Bonfida Website

Go to this link to get started. 

2. Explore the website!

Bonfida offers various valuable services, all of which can be found on the website.

3. Get your first Solana name!

Bonfida offers various valuable services, all of which can be found on the website. At OnBoard, we personally find their decentralized naming service to be one of the most fun products in the Solana ecosystem!

NFTs represent various Solana names – instead of a lengthy wallet address, you’ll be able to use “onboard.sol”, for example, instead!

Check out our NFT series of tutorials to learn more about the fundamentals of NFTs if you have any questions about what goes on behind the scenes.

Browse the site for a name you like – you can see the price (listed in USDC, pegged at $1USD of fiat, for convenience)

Choose a name you like and click “Continue to cart”

Follow the steps to purchase your new Solana name with your wallet address – once done, you will notice that name is an NFT in your wallet! You now own this name.

4. Claim your reward! 🎁

You've completed the required steps, and it's time to get paid! The final step is submitting a reward claim so we can verify you've completed the tutorial.

Click the “Claim Reward” button at the top of the page.

Fill in the address of the wallet you used for this tutorial (this wallet address should own a Bonfida name NFT!)

Submit the form and wait

We’ll confirm your wallet holds the appropriate NFT and send $1 in SOL to your wallet as a reward!