Manage, create, buy, and sell NFTs on SolSea

Time10 minutes
Reward$1 in SOL

What is SolSea? 

You’ve heard of an NFT marketplace full of collectables, but what about an NFT marketplace full of art?

SolSea is an NFT marketplace dedicated to combine NFTs and art. Thousands of creators create and sell NFTs on SolSea, with an easy, step-by-step tutorial of minting process.

With a ton of features, it isn’t hard to start creating, all that is needed is creativity, originality, and less than a dollar in SOL to start your journey at SolSea.

What we’ll do in this tutorial 

We will be going through, step by step, how to get started on SolSea and how to even buy one! For this tutorial, you will need a Phantom Wallet and some SOL if you’re interested in purchasing an NFT.

1. Visit the SolSea Website

Go to this link to get started. 

In the right-hand corner, hit the Connect Wallet button

2. Link Phantom to SolSea

The Phantom Wallet will pop up, asking for confirmation.

Confirm the connection.

3. Buy or Bid for an NFT

When purchasing an NFT, there are two options: buy and bid. Buying is immediately purchasing an NFT for the listed price, and bidding is giving a price (similar to an auction). 

If the creator accepts the bid, the NFT is yours!

4. Showcase it!

Once you’ve bought an NFT, it will show up on your page under My NFTs. You can keep it or sell it. 

5. Claim your reward! 🎁

You've completed the required steps, and it's time to get paid! The final step is submitting a reward claim so we can verify you've completed the tutorial.

Click the “Claim Reward” button at the top of the page.

Fill in the address of the wallet you used for this tutorial.

Submit the form and wait!

We’ll confirm that you have purchased an NFT on SolSea and send over $1 of SOL as a reward!