Play to earn tokens/NFTs on Star Atlas

ProjectStar Atlas
Time10 minutes
Reward$1 in SOL

What is Star Atlas? 

Star Atlas is an attempt at combining both aspects of the gaming and cryptocurrency world through the traditional core games and blockchain mechanics. It is building a blockchain-based, space-themed, grand strategy virtual gaming experience set in the future. 

Set in the 27th century, Star Atlas introduces the concept of life in the era of space colonization. Star Atlas consists of 3 main factions: the MUD Territory controlled by Humans, the ONI Region as a consortium of alien races, and the Ustur Sector controlled by sentient androids. These factions are in an ongoing struggle for power, resources, and political domination. The player can influence the outcome of this struggle while being able to create opportunities for monetary rewards. 

Players must embark on a journey filled with countless perils to gather resources. They are given the ability to create entire cities and build micro-economies in the game or even collaborate with others to develop DAO (decentralized autonomous organizations). 

The game also features an exploration aspect where players can explore the vast expanse of space in search of rich claims that can be staked or mined.

What we’ll do in this tutorial 

We will be going through, step by step, how to get started on Star Atlas. You will need a Phantom Wallet with some SOL (1 should be good).

1. Go on the Star Atlas website on your web browser

Search it up in the browser or click the link here.

2. Connect your Phantom Wallet.

Click on the Connect Wallet button. 

After doing so, a pop-up should appear, giving you multiple wallets to connect to.

Choose the Phantom Wallet.

After clicking the connect button, a pop-up of the Phantom wallet extension should appear.

Click on Connect.

3. Join a Faction

Once you have successfully logged in and connected your wallet, there will be a small button on the bottom left corner of your screen that says Choose Faction.

Click Choose Faction.

After clicking on it, there are three factions to choose from. 

Click on each of them to read more about them. Once you have chosen a faction to side with, click Choose.

Hit confirm again to finalize the selection.

Your Phantom Wallet Extension will have a pop-up, with the option to confirm the transaction, as it costs a small amount to choose a faction.

Hit approve.

4. Explore Star Atlas!

With the tokens in your wallet, feel free to start exploring and purchasing NFTs to expand your exploration! Buy ship NFTs essential from the marketplace and other resources and cool accessories!

Star Atlas continues to grow every day, so play around with it and do what you’d like!

5. Claim your reward! 🎁

You've completed the required steps, and it's time to get paid! The final step is submitting a reward claim so we can verify you've completed the tutorial.

Click the “Claim Reward” button at the top of the page.

Fill in the address of the wallet you used for this tutorial.

Tell us the faction you selected and describe what you’ve done in-game, including a screenshot!

Submit the form and wait!

We’ll confirm that you have played Star Atlas and send over $1 of SOL as a reward!